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Learning More About Safety

About a year ago, I realized that there were some serious safety issues in the businesses around my hometown. I started working hard to address them one thing at a time, and before I knew it, things were really improving. I was able to completely overhaul the way that one company handled their waste, and I felt really great about the progress I was making. Within a few months, I could tell that I was doing really well meeting my goals, and it was a nice feeling. This blog is here to help people to learn more about safety so that they can make a change in their own communities.


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Four Weekend Projects That Will Make Your Bathroom Beautiful

Is your bathroom boring? If so, there are plenty of strategies available for livening it up a little. Replacing a tired old shower curtain and buying bright new towels and bathmats are excellent ways to breathe new life into your bathroom. Following are four other ways to provide your bathroom with an quick update that will only require a few hours on a weekend afternoon to complete. 

Paint the Trim

If you're basically happy with the paint job in your bathroom but feel it could nonetheless use a boost, consider painting the windowsills and trim a complimentary or contrasting color. You could even get really creative and use multiple colors for an eclectic, shabby chic ambiance. If you prefer a more understated environment, paint the trim just one shade up or down from the color of your bathroom wall. 

Paper a Wall

Is there a plain wall in your bathroom that's just sitting there looking blank and boring? Paper it! This project should only take an hour or so depending on the size of the wall, and it can make a huge difference in the appearance of your bathroom. Choose a tropical motif if you want to bring an island atmosphere into your bathroom, or if you prefer a more formal ambiance, choose a wallpaper depicting pin stripes. If you want to feel as if you're in an enchanted garden whenever you use your bathroom, choose wallpaper that looks like an old-fashioned English cottage garden. 

Add a New Light Fixture 

Adding a new light fixture is a great new way to provide your bathroom with an interesting update. Consider getting one that allows for several different levels of ambient lighting so that you can set whatever mood your desire in your bathroom. For instance, you'll want crisp, clear lighting for morning showers, but you may want something more relaxing for unwinding in a tub full of scented water after a long day at work. 

Install New Faucets

You'd be surprised at the difference a new set of bathroom faucets makes when updating a bathroom. If you're seeking a vintage look, you can get brushed brass faucets that look as if they belong in a stately 19th century home. If modern and sleek fixtures are your preference, you can select faucets in streamlined designs made from sterling silver. As an added bonus, you can choose low-flow faucets that will cut down on your water usage, resulting in decreased utility bills.